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Ann has been designing and maintaining residential gardens since 1989. She received her Masters Degree in Horticulture from The Ohio State University in 2000. She was the Horticulturist for the city of Springfield, Ohio, overseeing the design and management of the horticultural plantings for the Park District’s 13 city and county parks. She has also worked at Cox Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio as the head gardener for the conifer collection, the shrub garden, and the edible landscape garden.

"To me, gardening is 3-dimensional art that is always changing. Gardens change with the seasons and with the life cycle of the plants. As gardens evolve and change they provide endless opportunities for satisfaction. I love the creative aspects of being a gardener. I love to combine plants to create beautiful combinations

of textures, color, and form."

Ann specializes in developing gardens that are both attractive and ecologically functional. As the landscape architect Thomas Rainer says in Planting in a Post-Wild World, “The good news is that it is entirely possible to design plantings that look and function more like they do in the wild: more robust, more diverse, and more visually harmonious, with less maintenance. The solution lies in understanding plantings as communities of compatible species that cover the ground in interlocking layers.”

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