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We design, install, and maintain gardens.

Our gardens are designed to be low-maintenance once they are established.

We use largely native plants to create diverse garden environments that attract pollinators and birds.


We meet on-site to discuss your ideas, goals and project budget. We are interested in all types of projects, from patio gardens to shady woodland gardens,

sunny butterfly gardens to rain gardens.


We consider the character of the site, including the architecture of the home and the condition of existing trees and shrubs. We look at the sun/shade pattern, the topography and drainage, existing hardscaping and the condition of the soil. New plantings are chosen carefully, balancing aesthetics and function with horticultural requirements.


We begin on-site work with any site grading required, correction of drainage issues, and building of any new walkways or walls. New planting includes any

needed soil improvements.


We provide ongoing maintenance of newly installed gardens as well as garden care for existing gardens. We do all aspects of garden maintenance including weeding, mulching, pruning, watering, and fertilizing. 

What Our Clients Say:

"Ann has done the landscaping and garden maintenance for our home since 2008. She has a real sense of beauty and is an expert horticulturist. She has transformed our property into a beautiful naturalistic garden. She is knowledgeable about trees and shrubs as well as perennials. I appreciate how carefully she listens to my preferences. We recently decided to take down some hemlocks and Ann made a new sunny garden which is very attractive to butterflies. It’s just what I wanted! The stone walkways she put in are beautifully done and have held up well for a number of years. I love the red salvia she put in the pots on my deck so that I could see hummingbirds on them while I eat my breakfast. Ann is great to work with, smart and reliable. I recommend her highly."  L.G.

"Ann was recommended to me by my hairdresser. I was looking for someone I could trust to take care of my garden beds while I was away.  It turned out that Ann had created the little garden in front of the hair salon.  She is the perfect person for my garden. I can always rely on her to take care of things - to do any necessary weeding and pruning with a touch that suits my informal garden."  S.R.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Ann to plan and implement the renovation of our property . She knows a lot about plants and it is easy to see that she loves her work. She thinks big picture and long term. She has found solutions for our difficult soil, dry shade, and competing tree roots.  We are enjoying seeing her well-designed plantings growing into a beautiful landscape."  N.H.

"I first hired Ann to create a new garden around my Victorian era house. I wanted an old-fashioned country garden using some of my favorite plants and colors. Ann listened to what I wanted and she designed and planted a lovely garden just to my taste. Since then I have hired her as my gardener on another historic property. She has done a nice job of integrating new plants into the existing garden. Ann is knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. She is a pleasure to work with."  W.S.

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